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If you own a business, then it may seem like a luxury to add security to your expense sheet.

But would you be able to cover the losses if someone or something destroyed your business?

Business security shouldn’t be treated as a luxury; it’s an investment. It’s best to have security and not need it than the alternative.

This guide can help you figure out which security measures are best for your business.

Remote Monitoring

Having surveillance cameras isn’t enough anymore. A camera system is almost worthless if you don’t have someone monitoring it.

A basic camera system has limited capabilities to deter a criminal from trying to vandalize the outside of your building.

A professional security expert monitoring your cameras can alert the police to a crime happening in real-time. 

To prevent wasting resources, you can set the cameras to only record when there is movement or sound.

You can also have cameras do a remote escort for guests or employees who are concerned for their safety. If someone leaves the building at night, you can have a camera and a remote guard follow them all the way to their car.

Access Control

One of your biggest security advantages is controlling entry.

New technology has made access control easier, more secure, and more efficient. Some of the advancements include key fobs, access cards, and mobile access.

If someone loses a key fob or access card, you can instantly have the permissions revoked to prevent fraudulent entry. With a lost traditional key, you’d have to install new locks and issue new keys to everyone.

When a disgruntled employee quits, it can be months before you go through the legal process to get his or her access keys back. 

With key fobs and access cards, you can simply deactivate them.

For temporary guests or contractors, if they provide their phones, you can give access to them for as long as needed. All they have to do is scan their phones, and you can eliminate a sign-in process.

Save money by avoiding the cost of static security guards or front lobby receptionists.

You don’t need to hire extra personnel to greet your guests. Cut out the unnecessary salary and benefits from your payroll.

Business Security Alarm Solutions

Some businesses do not need fancy access control or remote monitoring for their property.

Every business needs alarms though. 

Whether it’s to detect fires, electrical failures, forced entry, or failed systems, alarms are vital.

Alarm systems give you ultimate control while you’re away. You can see live notifications and arm and disarm the system during a false alarm.

Add a two-way speaker communication system on the control panel so you can talk with employees or emergency responders at the scene. 

Go on vacation far away and have the peace of mind that your alarm solutions will alert you if anything goes wrong.

Mobile Security Measures

Do you have a security need that requires immediate attention? Is there a problem area that traditional security solutions can’t access?

A mobile security trailer can provide your business with a temporary and immediate presence. 

Some security solutions can take weeks to implement. A mobile security trailer can be deployed in a matter of hours. 

A trailer can house multiple camera sensors, two-way speakers, and strobe lighting. It can be used for surveillance, crowd control, and asset protection.

Don’t worry about power sources in remote locations. Security trailers are built to utilize batteries or solar panels if a direct power source isn’t available.

Advanced Surveillance Options

The building and assets you own need advanced surveillance to properly ensure their protection. 

Advanced surveillance options include a high-resolution camera, weatherproof outdoor systems, audio analyzation, biometrics, and data analysis. 

A more clear image will produce better results when you’re trying to identify thieves or the source of an accident. 

For outdoor systems, a rugged weatherproof operation is ideal for locations that have multiple entry points, vast parking lots, and a plethora of seasonal elements.

The technological specifications can allow some cameras to identify the source and cause of distinct sounds. This audio analyzation distinguishes if a loud bang is a gunshot or a trash can falling over.

Have you banned someone from your business or facility recently? A lot of times a simple ban isn’t enough to keep someone from trying to re-enter.

Biometric scans by your intelligent camera will spot and identify the perpetrator so you can have local authorities handle the problem.

Your advanced camera solution can also collect data to help you track and recognize patterns or even marketing information. The ability to know that most of your customers are young men can assist with growing the business.

Expert Assessments

Ensure your security measures and threats are assessed by the experts. Skilled security experts are trained to recognize your business’s most vulnerable points.

You want honest feedback and a customizable security solution. Cookie-cutter plans won’t cover all your needs and tend to cut corners.

A comprehensive security plan should include emergency response, disaster preparedness, a chain of command, and points of contact.

Have a professional security company create different solutions for active shooter scenarios, workplace violence, medical emergencies, and internal theft.

There should also be a disaster guide that covers various phenomena that can occur in your regions such as floods, tornadoes, pandemics, or wildfires.

Be sure to have an on-site manager who is the safety and security authority. This is usually your point of contact who will call the police or other emergency responders.

Don’t Delay Protection

Do you currently have adequate business security that can protect your employees and assets?

Waiting to have proper protection leaves you vulnerable to crime and accidents.

If you’re ready to make security a priority for your business, then contact us today so we can create a perfect solution for you.

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