• March 9, 2020
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Smart business security is leading many businesses and organisation into a more secure, convenient, easy and connected future.

People are connecting, machines are learning, and things are communicating without human intervention, all these are among the many exclusive benefits of the internet of things on our homes and business environment.

You will probably be surprised when you ask someone to explain what the Internet of thing is, and they will most certainly use a smart home device (Amazon Alexa, Fitbit) for an example. 

These automated devices are gaining popularity to the point that it leapt from 9.5 million in 2016 to 24million devices in 2019 in the US. This record shows that smart devices are on pace to cover not only the home but corporate business environment.  

In the past, an automated home could be a show of luxury, or a new way of making one’s life easier, however, it’s a different ball-game with regards to an enterprise with offices, factories, and areas that need a smart business security architecture. 

Simply put, the internet of things is an infrastructure of connected devices over the web ranging from lightbulbs, alarm systems, to vacuums, all focused on increasing the use of automation. Smart Business security sends a strong message to small and medium-sized business that IoT can be a mega-benefit when used accordingly for a business office.  

IoT is connecting many businesses, and the result gives birth to numerous benefits. However, let’s look at three strong points on why smart business security is on pace to Replace Workplace Security.

Control is within your grasps

Conventionally, to control an old security system, you will need to stand in front of it and press a button for validation. However, the story changes when smart systems are involved. With an App installed on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can stand anywhere and remotely have control over your intelligent business systems. Whether you want to lock the board room for an important meeting, or monitoring the car parks for available space, smart business security from Threenine security to see and direct them all. 

Energy management

As a dedicated business person, you won’t want to allow any form of energy to waste because you know the ripple effect on your profits when they are not efficiently used. Smart business security let’s business save money and stay convenient with smart automation and customised energy consumption based on how your activity patterns look like.  

The future awaits. The IoT sensors and devices are expected to outnumber mobile phones are the leading group of interconnected devices in 2019, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 23 per cent from 2015 to 2021. This reports only suggests that there will need to protect work environments with smart business security systems for easy control and office security. 

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ThreeNine Security for business is a robust solution engineered to meet the business security needs of the small and medium-sized business. Smart business security is usually tailored to provide business security that combines commercial access control to the office, video surveillance, intelligent intrusion detection and energy management to form one organised, cost-effective solution, thus effectively replacing your old workplace security. If you run a corporate office and you like the feeling of having smart business security that works, anytime, then ThreeNine security for business is for your pleasure. 

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