Smart Business Automation/IoT

Smart, seamless and simplified business automation

Smart Business Automation/IoT

We partner with today’s most innovative names in security and automation to protect your most valuable assets, while also making your home or business more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Seamless Integration

Our smart automation systems seamlessly integrate into our security systems, delivering a comprehensive solution that gives you complete control of your home and business.

Mobile app connectivity means one-touch management of lighting, temperature, and more

Set automated schedules for lighting and temperature control, delivering peace of mind while lowering energy bills

A variety of smart sensors help monitor a wide range of home and business functions

On-the-go automation control means you’re always connected to your home or business at all times

business automation on mobile phone

Complete Protection and Comfort

Our whole-home and business security and comfort systems provide responsive options that deliver both peace of mind and real savings.

Monitor a wide variety of smart systems from near or far, including temperature control and lighting levels

Protect and monitor all aspects of your home or business with added sensors that detect rising water levels, freezing temperatures, or even open doors

Impress customers with integrated hospitality features that’ll help you maintain comfortable temperatures or greet customers with music or videos

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