Senior Living

Senior living facilities are responsible for more than just protecting their physical assets – human lives are also at stake. When families entrust your organization to care for their aging loved ones, they need assurance that the people they care about are your top priority.

Challenges for Senior Communities

Senior living communities pose unique security challenges. Ensuring the safety of physical spaces, residents, employees, visitors, and even medications require a robust, multi-faceted approach to security. Any security and monitoring systems must provide both proactive and reactive responses, especially when medical emergencies are a reality.

Multi-Faceted Security Solutions

Many senior living facilities strive to find a balance between independent living while providing a secure environment. ThreeNine delivers a comprehensive solution that keeps senior residents and the facilities they live in safe. Options such as video surveillance, alarms, and access control help prevent break-ins and unauthorized entry or exit and notify staff of medical emergencies. Our suite of smart automation products creates a more comfortable and cost-effective living environment by automatically adjusting temperatures and lights. And with budgets declining and facility staff overextended, our managed security services can deliver the extra monitoring support your site needs at an affordable price.

Enhanced Video Surveillance

  • Safety of residence is number 1 priority
  • Stop unauthorized access
  • Intelligent Analytics (loitering, line cross, scream) detection
  • Reduce false liability claims

Smart Alarm & Intrusion Systems

  • Enhance awareness with emergency alert systems
  • Arm doors with sensors with automated timing schedules
  • 24x7x365 monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Emergency panic buttons for rapid response

Smart Automation

  • Automate lights, thermostats, locks and security
  • Monitor loved ones activity level (how much time in bed or a chair)
  • Track and learn home activities and daily living to identify anomalies
  • Caregivers remotely check thermostats, lighting and locks
  • Wellness Pendant solutions for real-time emergencies

Intelligent Access Control

  • Assure that residents, employees and visitors are properly protected
  • Reduce resident or visitors wandering into restricted areas.
  • Keep track of patients that might have a tendency to wander.
  • Control and monitor all access to medication, medical records and offices

Managed Security Services

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and management of security systems
  • Everything for 1 monthly price
  • Hardware obsolescence management
  • Security software management and upgrades
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