When maximum production and profits are on the line, savvy manufacturers know that security makes all the difference. But large numbers of employees, huge quantitates of materials passing through a site, and sprawling physical locations can make securing and protecting human and real assets a big challenge.

Key Challenges for Today’s Manufacturers

In addition to tracking a large number of employees and keeping them safe, manufactures must also protect their physical assets from theft and their brand reputation from false liability claims. With so many moving parts, lax security protocols and systems can spell disaster for any company.

Security Solutions for Today’s Facilities

ThreeNine’s end-to-end security solutions for the manufacturing industry provide increased security for all facets of your organization. Our integrated security systems include a variety of profit-boosting tools such as video surveillance, smart alarm and intrusion systems, access control, and robust analytics – all controlled at your fingertips with mobile functionality. And when paired with our managed security services that deliver around-the-clock monitoring by our team of experts, you can ensure a no-compromise approach to safety and security.

Smart Alarm & Intrusion Systems

  • Enhance situational awareness with emergency alert systems
  • Arm doors with sensors with automated timing schedules
  • After hours protection of assets and property
  • Proactively stop thieves and vandals

Enhanced Video Surveillance

  • Monitor employees for safety
  • Reduce false Liability claims
  • Secure building, inventory and assets
  • View and evaluate operations

Intelligent Access Control

  • Control and monitor all access to the facilities
  • Restrict, allow, and track employee’s, vendors and guests.
  • Biometric, mobile and key-card security for strict access control
  • Visitor Management Systems

Managed Security Services

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and management of security systems
  • Everything for 1 monthly price
  • Hardware obsolescence management
  • Security software management and upgrades
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