High Rise Residential Complexes

High rise property managers face unique challenges in ensuring residents’ safety. With constant code changes to protect facility access and large spaces to monitor, constant surveillance and assessment are critical in maintaining resident and building safety.

High Rises Have High Security Risks

With thousands of people occupying high rise spaces and tenants continuously moving in and out, it is full-time job keeping on top of a high-rise’s security needs. And with the high costs of training and retaining security staff, managers searching for cost-effective security solutions may be stuck in a tough spot.

The Highest Level of Security for High Rise Complexes

Our spectrum of high-rise security solutions keeps your facilities and residents safe while delivering automated services designed for comfort and convenience. ThreeNine delivers comprehensive access control, giving property managers mobile access to assign or revoke codes to gates, doors, gyms, and more. Our versatile and rugged surveillance cameras can be used to monitor parking facilities, exterior grounds, and public spaces, ensuring your property is fully protected. For added comfort and to streamline property management, we also offer integrated smart automation capabilities, so you adjust temperatures, lighting, pool water quality, and much more – all at the touch of a button.

Enhanced Video Surveillance

  • Virtual Security Guard
  • Safety of residence is number 1 priority
  • Intelligent Analytics (loitering, line cross, gunshot and scream detection)
  • Monitor parking garages, pools, gyms, children play areas – reduce crime, liability claims and deter from vandalism

Interactive Video Monitoring

  • 24x7x365 live video monitoring
  • Live voice paging to deter potential theft
  • Nightly virtual perimeter tours
  • Law enforcement rapid response

Smart Alarm & Intrusion Systems

  • Building wide alarm solutions
  • Arm doors and sensors with automated timing schedules
  • 24x7x365 monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Emergency panic buttons for rapid response

Smart Automation

  • Automate lights, thermostats, locks and security
  • Monitor sprinkler and irrigation systems
  • Monitor pool water quality
  • Receive alerts and notifications of malfunctioning equipment

Intelligent Access Control

  • Assure that residents, employees and visitors are properly protected
  • Reduce residents or visitors from wandering into restricted areas.
  • Control gates, doors, facilities and entrances.
  • Control access to pool, gym, club house or maintenance facilities.

Managed Security Services

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and management of security systems
  • Everything for 1 monthly price
  • Hardware obsolescence management
  • Security software management and upgrades
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