Data Centers

As cloud computing grows in popularity, an increasing number of data centers are popping up across the globe. And while data center managers recognize the importance of securing online data with robust cybersecurity protocols, protecting your physical computing and storage assets is just as important.

Managing Vulnerabilities

When a company trusts another organization to manage and store its data, it trusts that the managing company has the highest levels of both cyber and physical security in place. While large-scale physical breeches of centers are rare, when they do happen, they end in disaster for both the data center and its clients.

Solutions that Build Trust

ThreeNine provides a comprehensive portfolio of physical security solutions to prevent unauthorized access to data center spaces. Monitor facility sites 24/7/365 with enhanced video that supports facial recognition, virtual security guard services, and surveillance analytics. Access control allows management to control and monitor access to buildings and rooms, and biometric screening services add an extra level of security. And for those serious about facility security, ThreeNine’s Managed Security Services provide around-the-clock monitoring of your facility, delivering proactive monitoring services that keep your and your clients’ real and virtual assets safe.

Enhanced Video Surveillance

  • Virtual security guard services
  • Facial recognition
  • Loitering Detection, Object Removal, Line Cross
  • Deter unwanted visitors

Interactive Video Monitoring

  • 24x7x365 live video monitoring
  • Live voice paging to deter potential theft
  • Nightly virtual lot tours
  • Law enforcement rapid response

Intelligent Access Control

  • Control and monitor all access to the facilities
  • Restrict, allow, and track employee’s, vendors and guests.
  • Biometric, mobile and key-card security for strict access control
  • Visitor Management Systems

Managed Security Services

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and management of security systems
  • Everything for 1 monthly price
  • Hardware obsolescence management
  • Security software management and upgrades
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