Security Camera Monitoring

8 Benefits of Having a Business Surveillance System

Did you know  64 percent of small businesses have been a victim of employee theft? Some of these businesses never report such incidents because they lack sufficient evidence.  A business surveillance system solves such problems. Protecting your enterprise from internal and external risk is a critical part of your overarching strategy. With o …

surveillance system for business

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Surveillance System Today

There are over 770 million surveillance cameras around the world right now, and experts expect this number to increase significantly in the next few years. If your business doesn’t currently have a surveillance system in place, you should consider getting one. Having a surveillance system within your business can protect your organization and p …

business security

The Ultimate Guide to Business Security and Surveillance

If you own a business, then it may seem like a luxury to add security to your expense sheet. But would you be able to cover the losses if someone or something destroyed your business? Business security shouldn’t be treated as a luxury; it’s an investment. It’s best to have security and not need it […]

Fever Detection Camera

Fever Detection Cameras – Ready for Business?

Cameras that can detect fevers are seeing a significant upsurge in demand outstripping supply as COVID19 pandemic continues to spread; it seems like the cameras will be coming to offices near you. All around the world, millions of people are forced to stay at home to curb the spread of the novel pandemic ravaging many […]

The Internet of Things: Top 5 smart sensor types used for IoT Development

Explore the most relevant smart IoT sensors that have transformed the way systems function and business operates. Image: from IoT infographics Sensors have existed for a very long time and they are in almost every aspect of life. They have the ability to respond to certain types of conditions within their environment and generate a response […]

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