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Did you know 64 percent of small businesses have been a victim of employee theft? Some of these businesses never report such incidents because they lack sufficient evidence. 

A business surveillance system solves such problems.

Protecting your enterprise from internal and external risk is a critical part of your overarching strategy. With operational surveillance, you can not only figure out what happened after the fact but also preempt specific problems from arising.

Here’s a look at eight essential benefits you can get by deploying a surveillance system in your enterprise.

What’s Business Surveillance?

Surveilling your business is a system through which you monitor the happenings in your operations to ensure security and safety.

Several elements make up an effective surveillance system for your organization. How you combine these aspects and which features you emphasize more than others will depend on your firm’s priorities.

Why Your Business Needs a Surveillance System

On a general level, all businesses recognize that having a monitoring system in place is useful. But what exactly are the tangible benefits such a system can deliver to your firm?

1. Deterrence

Arguably one of the most salient benefits, a noticeable surveillance system can discourage potential malicious actors from harming your business.

There are many cases where visible surveillance hardware has stopped malicious actors in their tracks.

The equipment might not work, but to these potential criminals, the fact that there is a probability it may be working is enough to ward off problems.

As part of your system, you should have a spot monitor. Such a camera will cover a specific area full-time and monitor traffic or activity. Since such equipment is visible to anyone walking in, it deters potential criminal activity at the very onset.

2. Cost Management

Setting up a surveillance system for your enterprise does have an upfront cost. However, that initial cost will deliver benefits that ultimately lower your overall security costs.

To begin with, deploying a robust surveillance system means you can afford to hire less security staff. You will only need the most critical security personnel on your payroll.

When it comes to the equipment, you can leverage cloud-based technology to deliver lesser capital expenses. Since you won’t need on-site servers to support your surveillance system, your overall expenditure will go down.

Moreover, the cloud infrastructure you deploy for your surveillance will call for several encryption layers. Additionally, such a set up will also need user authentication to grant access.

All that amounts to less staff needed to man the system, which also contributes towards cost efficiency.

3. Provides Evidence for Injury Claims

Did you know that slips and falls are a leading source of liability to business owners?

Many claims are typically legitimate, but quite a number of them are also fraudulent. Without a tangible way to weed out the scammers, your company might end up being on the hook for significant yet unnecessary payouts.

As long as you have a surveillance system that includes video, you can verify the claim by looking at the footage in question.

Here, a rule of thumb is to save a recording of 30 minutes to and 30 after the incident occurred and submit it to the claims adjuster. Even if nothing happened, the fact that you have surveillance footage to back that up could make a vital difference.

4. Reducing Your Insurance Premium

Whenever insurance companies are assessing a business for risk, they take note of measures you institute to reduce instances of loss.

Such measures can include an expertly crafted safety program, using non-slip footwear or flooring, or even a dedicated program to prevent slip and fall. The good news is that your surveillance program counts in this regard.

Consequently, firms that deploy a robust surveillance program end up receiving better pricing on their insurance policy.

5. Higher Productivity

Having a surveillance system that your employees are aware of does impact productivity. However, due to privacy concerns, how you deploy this system will immeasurably impact the results.

You want to avoid making your staff feel like big brother is watching, ready to punish them. If your team keeps feeling that a sword is hanging on their heads, it will negatively affect morale and retention rates.

Before you install the system, talk to your employees to make them aware of your plans. Showing your employees the reason for installing the system and connecting it to their overall well-being helps gain their buy-in.

Furthermore, you should develop and communicate a clear company policy on why the surveillance system exists. It’s imperative you clearly explain how the system ought to be used and when it comes into play.

As you communicate this company policy, emphasize a commitment to privacy. Refrain from installing surveillance in private spaces such as the bathrooms, changing areas, and break rooms.

6. Handle Sexual Harassment Cases

Today’s corporate climate places a focus on equality in the workplace. Part of this involves eliminating sexual harassment issues.

If you don’t, you may find yourself being part of the firms that end up paying millions in settlement to harassed victims.

Along with creating a safe space for all employees, you can use your surveillance system to discourage potential instances of sexual harassment. In case things head to litigation, you can lean on the evidence from your system to help resolve the matter.

7. Real-Time Footage Access

While a surveillance system is great for giving you footage after the fact, it’s essential to have access to footage in real-time.

Real-time footage plays a variety of roles, depending on the need at hand. With streaming technology coming into its own, you can stream this real-time footage from anywhere in the world.

8. Dispute Resolution

Every organization experiences disputes among the staff. The best way to navigate these difficulties successfully is to get to the root of the matter.

In some instances, having evidence to help unravel what happened can make the difference between real resolution or continuing conflict.

Are You Ready to Protect Your Business and Employees?

Risk management is a non-negotiable function, and part of that includes having a business surveillance system that gives you visibility into your operations. Various technologies support surveillance, and you need to match the right solution to your firm’s priorities for the best results.

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